Thanks for waiting to mow the median, DOT

Posted: Sunday, June 07, 2009

It's spring in Juneau. Nature tells us so in delightful ways. First we catch glimpses of the ubiquitous yellow skunk cabbage, in moist gullies and shaded woodlands. Then, the spectacular golden display of dandelions, blooming along roadways and paths throughout the city. All this untended glory brightens our days whether rain or shine. It is so welcome.

Years ago, I phoned the Department of Transportation and asked them to please stop mowing the median until after the dandelions turned to white puffs and blew away, "because the floral display is so beautiful."

This was not your standard citizen service call, and some folks at DOT thought it was impractical and would foul up their mowing schedule. But they went along with my request. Yay. And they've been doing it ever since. I wrote a thank-you letter back then, and I'm writing another one now. Sweet seasonal simplicity.

Dixie Hood


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