Thanks for supporting Alaska Bar Association's annual Convention

Posted: Sunday, June 07, 2009

On behalf of the Juneau Bar Association, I am writing to publicly thank the many people and businesses that helped make the recently concluded Alaska Bar Association annual Convention here in Juneau such an incredible success. More than 300 people attended the Convention, and had the opportunity to get to know their colleagues better and learn more about the legal profession.

Hosting such a complicated event like the Alaska Bar Convention for an audience of lawyers and judges requires a city to be cohesive, efficient, well-organized and to just simply shine. Juneau unequivocally shone brightly in early May.

My thanks to members of the JBA Convention Committee: Jessica Srader, Natasha Norris, Karen Godnick, Ben Brown, Kelly Jantunen and Tom Jantunen.

I offer great thanks to the following individuals and businesses that helped organize the Juneau Bar Association Convention events and donated time, energy, funds, and generous door prizes: Baxter Bruce & Sullivan PC, Choate Law Firm LLC, Faulkner Banfield PC, Hoffman Silver, Gilman & Blasco PC, Lessmeier & Winters LLC, Alaskan Brewing Co., Allen Marine, The Baranof Hotel, Steve Hamilton and all of his amazing staff, James Barrett and the Bergmann Hotel, Centennial Hall, Heritage Coffee Co., Perseverance Theatre, Mary Alice McKeen and Rainbow Foods, Deb Barry and Erik Emert of the Rendezvous Lounge, Westlaw, Chrystal Sommers Brand, Susan Cox, Nicholas DeHart, Gordon Evans, Sarah Felix, Dawn Germain, Clark Gruening, Rosemary Gruening, Kristine Harder, Ken Jacobus, Shirley Kohls, Kathy Ruddy Kolkhorst, Stacie Kraly, Tyler Lange, Leslie Longenbaugh, Jason Maroney, Tom Nave, Natasha Norris, Rodger Pegues, Bill Ruddy, Vance Sanders, Tony Sholty, Kathleen Strasbaugh, Z. Kent Sullivan, Patrick Travers and Tom Wagner.

I apologize if I have omitted anyone in the foregoing list. This was truly a community wide effort, and it will continue to benefit all of us in the coming years.

Thanks again to one and all for a great Convention and thanks to Juneau for its wonderful hospitality. We will likely have another opportunity to host this statewide Convention in a few more years and I know it will be an event to which we will all look forward.

Marie Marx

2008-2009 Juneau Bar Association president


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