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Posted: Friday, June 08, 2001

...for helping Little League

Gastineau Channel Little League would like to personally thank the following people who have signed up to umpire our Little League games this season: Derik Antrim, Everett Boster, Everett Burns Buyarski, Jordan Davis, Jim Douglas, Brian Felix, Billy Fischer, Adam Fleischman, Dave Forrest, Matt Fosket, Matthew Garrison, Jim Griffin, Woody Groves, Alex Haralovich, Landon Harris, Wesley Hayden, Bryce Iverson, Chris Iverson, Tom Karpstein, Caroline Levale, Lee Lewis, Jason Lindley, Jerry Macaulay, Bruce Massey, Melanie Maus, Zach Mixson, Chris Morrow, Jim O'Donnell, Mikael O'Donnell, Scott Perkins, Daniel Pratt, Richard Pratt, Mark Rainery, Richard Rainery, Jake Ridle, Austin Roberts, Darcy Robinson, Steven Shaishnikoff, Jon Shilling, Mark Shilling, Sam Simpson, Bob Sims, Jack Stickel, Dick Stokes, Edd Webb, Charlie Williams, Sandy Williams, Bruce Wanstall, Joe Watts, Mike Wright and Nick Yankee.

Between baseball and softball, there are eight different divisions and 45 different teams. Each team plays 1-3 games per week, and each game requires two umpires. The League will benefit from more umpires. If you have a love for the game, we would love to have your help! Training is available and equipment is provided. Cash awards are paid at the end of the season based on the number of games umpired during the season. This is a great way to help the Little League.

If you would like to sign up, please contact the Baseball Chief Umpire, Jim Douglas, at 790-3378. If your interest is in the softball program, please contact Everett Boster at 789-4057. Thanks to all the volunteers who make this very valuable program work. We couldn't do it without you!

Laurie A. Logsdon

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