It's not the lies

Posted: Sunday, June 08, 2003

My colleague, Pulitzer Prize winner and Playboy interview subject William Safire, (who is my colleague in the same way ex-NASCAR champion Bill Elliot is my colleague because, once in Georgia, in a Mustang, I exceeded the posted limit whilst overtaking a vehicle on a thoroughfare) wrote in Monday's New York Times that it's OK for the government to lie to us about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq because they found graves of mass burial.

Well, that's the liberal media for you.

Bill, Bill, Bill. It's not that the government lied to me. I'm used to that. In fact, given their track record, I have sadly come to expect it. (Actually, Mr. Safire, given your track record - most recently that whole "Mohammad Atta met with an Iraqi spy under diplomatic cover in Prague" thing - I'm learning to take your beautiful and persuasive words with a grain of salt.)

No, I'm not surprised by dissembling government officials. It's using those lies as a terroristic weapon that is new, worrisome and somewhat stressful.

Orange alert! Red alert! Fuchsia alert! Now is not the time to think rationally; now is the time to act irrationally! Quick, before they unleash WMD Armageddon on us!

That is what I object to. The lies I can handle.

Michael Christenson


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