Acquired behavior

Posted: Sunday, June 08, 2003

I would like to address the Empire's willingness to print such trash (Jesus was actively gay, page C2, May 30) and those who are willing to make the accusation.

In reviewing what the Bible says about human sexuality, you come to the conclusion it's really not confusing. If you are interested in what it says on the homosexual lifestyle it is described in Genesis 19:4-6; Leviticus 20:13; 1 Corinthians 6:9 JBP; 1 Timothy 1:8-10 NIV; and Romans 1:26-27. So why does God take such a clearly strong stand on an issue that others may tip toe around? Three things come to mind. One, God puts His stamp of approval on only one expression of human sexuality, the marriage of a man and women defined within the family. It's a designer's prerogative. Two, He made us in His image; procreation and all it entails are sacred in His eyes. This is not the message we get on a daily basis from the world. And three, God's program is building nations. First with the nation of Israel, and now with His church made up of all nations. The functional unit of this program is reproduction in the security and nurture of the family.

In a homosexual approach to sexuality: biologically reproduction is non-existent. Not a practical means for building nations. Incidentally, by this same token the homosexual lifestyle by default eliminates any genetic component - thus it has to be acquired behavior.

Some have inferred the Bible as a source of authority should be questioned because it has been used to support negative issues like slavery. In this specific case they failed to mention a fellow by the name of Abraham Lincoln. As president he was key in opposing and ending slavery; and his life and words were molded by the Bible.

For those who think Jesus was homosexual: you and I will stand before Him someday. If we are processed together, I'll be listening closely to hear if you have a voice to ask Him that question.

If you are struggling with your sexuality, please read or reread your Bible carefully. It could change your life.

Marlin Bricker


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