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Posted: Tuesday, June 08, 2004

In response to Samantha Reigard's letter, I absolutely agree that this whole concert thing was handled all wrong. Of course we've only heard the story from two of the children. I would love to see a story about it in our local paper, and it would be great to get some answers from the person who stopped this concert. Apparently the children still believe they are entitled to an explanation. I suspect one reason it got as far out of control as it did is that the school is too large to manage.

Perhaps the reason the answers they have gotten have been many and diverse is that they are. I'd love to hear them all. I'd also like to know in what way Ms. Reigard fears she "might get shut down too." Immediately after this statement she continues that "millions of people died for God because they didn't want to deny him ... ." In what manner does she fear she will be martyred? The FBI's statistics for 1995 indicated that Jewish people were by far the most at risk for hate crimes based on their religion, whereas Christian people were not even listed. That was before 9/11, but I'm sure Christian people are still quite safe in America.

Religious persecution is illegal. It can take the form of hate crimes or discrimination against a person based on one's perception of that person's religious beliefs. One form of religious persecution is trying to win souls for Christ on school property, on school time, under school supervision. It won't be tolerated at their future workplaces either - not even on their lunch breaks - no matter how popular the religion of their choice is.

Stefanie Davis' letter stated, "There were many people that were unsaved who went to the concert ... we lost many people who we finally could have reached." So, if they want to feel like martyrs, let them. They are wrong. But Samantha need not fear violence or discrimination for being brave enough to express her belief in Christ.

Steve Reese


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