A frightening trend about government

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Thursday, June 08, 2006

From reading the news over the last several months, I have noticed a trend developing, getting more prevalent and frightening. It seems to me that our government - from the national to local levels - is getting more and more arrogant and self-centered. Politicians seem to be more concerned with their own importance, their needs and the needs of their "secret" backers (hear me, Murkowski and the oil and mining folks?), and are less concerned with what their constituents vote for or need.

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They have gotten so bad that they have even commented that the voters don't know what they are talking about, that the voters aren't informed enough to make a wise choice. The voters have become a nuisance, and their egos have grown to huge proportions. So they shove things the voters don't want down their throats, because the politicians know what's good for them.

Well hello mom, guess again. Seems you or I can't do anything about anything, except try to clean up the mess by voting the current crop out of office. A clean slate would be better than what's there now. But by the time they are up for re-election, so much damage will be done it will take years to correct, if ever.

Bruce Hale


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