Moving special session is only fair

Posted: Friday, June 08, 2007

The Empire's editorial, "Moving special session adds insult to injury," published on Sunday, is a good example of what is wrong with the attitude of many in Juneau.

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I lived in Juneau for several years, so I am very familiar with how expensive every thing is. Access to Juneau is another problem that a road would help solve. The Empire seems to think that because Juneau has been the capital that any change is an "insult." Who does having a special session in Anchorage insult? Apparently the Empire is speaking selfishly of the Juneau community and not the several hundred thousand other citizens in Alaska.

As to the idea that it will cost thousands more to have a special session outside Juneau, common sense dictates that Anchorage can easily host a special session with more than adequate facilities and at a lower cost. Even if the cost was more, it is only fair that other communities benefit from government operations.

Hurrah for Gov. Sarah Palin and the Legislature. The Empire's attack is arrogant and unwarranted. I hope this is the start of a trend to make access to our Legislature available to all Alaskans. The capital should eventually be moved for the good of all Alaska. If that proves politically and financially impossible, then the Legislature should be relocated out of Juneau to a more accessible and central location. Meanwhile special sessions should be held at diverse locations in Alaska. While that may be a bitter pill, and an "insult" to the Empire, there are many of us who think it is only fair.

Jim Rice


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