Photo: Civil Air Patrol cadet workshop

Posted: Friday, June 08, 2007

Major Steve Sztuk, far right, maintenance officer for the Civil Air Patrol Southeast Composite Squadron, shared some of his 50-plus years experience with the cadets in a propeller maintenance workshop held June 2 in Juneau. Sztuk is a longtime recipient of the Alaskan and Proud and FAA's Taylor Award. He worked with Capt. Wayne Longacre, kneeling center, deputy commander for cadets, to put on the workshop that provided some hands-on aerospace maintenance experience for the cadets. Cadets learned the importance of a balanced prop, how a mechanic inspects a prop and then does repair and maintenance to damaged or worn props. The seven-cadet participants and Longacre all got a chance to inspect, file and polish out nicks and dents and wipe down props with oil to prevent corrosion.

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