The 'Great USA Giveaway'

Immigration reform doesn't do anything to help the level of (in)security

Posted: Friday, June 08, 2007

When top-tier Democrats promote a bill that has a Republican commander in chief grinning like a Cheshire cat, it's time to start worrying.

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The Destruction of America Bill - which in Washington, D.C., has been jokingly misnamed the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007 - proposes to grant a form of provisional amnesty to the estimated 12 million to 20 million illegal aliens in this country and to roll out the welcome mat for millions more. The bill violates just about every tenet of logic, unless you happen to be a member of Congress. Determined to usher us all into a diversity utopia by the planned, accelerated displacement of American citizens, our representatives eagerly propose:

1. Immediate legalization for all illegal aliens who come forward and pay a fine. They will be eligible to receive the notorious Z visa, which allows the holder to receive a Social Security number and authorization to work in the United States.

2. Free medical care and welfare help at taxpayer expense - still.

3. Amnesty for the more than 600,000 aliens previously ordered deported but who remained illegally in the country.

4. Freedom from the requirement to pay back taxes from work already performed.

The "Great USA Giveaway" takes place without first absolutely securing our entire southern border.

Big surprise.

Anyone remember the laughable and unenforceable Secure Fence Act of 2006? What pomp and parade over a big nothing. I'll be tripping over my long, white beard before that 700-mile barricade actually materializes.

Aided by a president who has been pushing for this kind of program since day one, our congressmen and congresswomen are running full speed ahead on the dissolution of our national identity. The flood of illegal aliens that inundates our southern borderlands has washed up on states' shores as far north as Maine and Alaska.

The situation is impossibly convoluted. The very people to benefit from this national suicide are members of the same chanting mobs who marched by the hundreds of thousands in the spring of 2006, arrogantly demanding all the rights of citizens and carrying signs such as, "This is our continent, not yours!"

We need to get real here. Approximately 1.5 million illegal aliens streaming annually into our country simply cannot be a good thing. With our porous borders at their current level of (in)security, and with the subsequent birth rate once illegals are entrenched on American soil, reliable estimates are that by 2050 the United States will hold approximately 450 million people. Do we really want nearly half a billion people in our country, especially when a significant number of them have never renounced the citizenship of their mother countries and have instead openly expressed a collective desire to re-annex the Southwest?

The hand-wringing, open-borders crowd, who routinely dismiss these assertions as a "conspiracy theory," need to take a quick ride on the information superhighway. Ever heard of La Raza, MEChA, Aztlan? Our country is on the line.

The 2000 federal estimate of 5,000 illegal aliens in Alaska is surely much higher seven years later. Dozens of languages are now spoken in Anchorage. While many are legal immigrants, there is little doubt that a percentage of them are not. Last year 25 Mexican nationals, here illegally, were arrested at a Kenai seafood processing outfit and deported. Periodically others are caught and given a taxpayer-funded ride back to their native countries.

Illegal aliens' numbers are ballooning, and our representatives' votes appear to signal approval. Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Ted Stevens both voted no on an amendment that would have removed amnesty provisions from the bill. Also, both voted to invoke cloture, which effectively restricted floor debate of the legislation.

But I guess that's the idea. Why quibble about the disenfranchisement of U.S. citizens? Let's keep our sieve-like borders as they are, welcome just about everyone who violates our sovereignty, and simply declare them legal. And then we can all light up the Capitol switchboard with phone calls of gratitude.

Just remember to press "1" for English.

• Kevin Reeves is a freelance writer living in Haines.

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