Will Sealaska get black gold feast?

Posted: Sunday, June 08, 2008

I am a Tlingit from Yakutat, and I have been working at the Prudhoe Bay Oil field for 29 years. In all of my years of working in the oil field business, I have noticed Native corporations working the oil fields in support services.

Just to name a few, DOYON, NANA and CIRI have formed partnerships with other businesses - to earn multimillions for their shareholders' future. But, in all of these years of working the oil fields, I have never noticed the presence of Sealaska Corp.

Alaska's oil and gas fields are the major source of the state's financial income. Even as I write this letter, the state of Alaska is meeting in a special session to discuss the business of building a multibillion dollar Alaska gas pipeline. I cannot help but wonder, will my Sealaska miss out on business participation with Alaska's multibillion dollar gas pipeline? Will my Sealaska ever come to the black gold feast?

Bert Bremner


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