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Posted: Friday, June 09, 2000

I would like to offer my gratitude to the whole crew of the Columbia who really did a great job during the fire emergency. I'd like to say a special thanks to the dining room crew who took great care of us. Thanks a lot.

I was disappointed in the Empire's article about the ferry crew's response to the emergency at sea. They did a fine job and I'm sorry the Empire focused on the few unhappy people. Without the expertise of the crew, that fire could have become a tragedy at sea.

The crew members on the Columbia did a great job putting out the fire with no one injured and no loss of life during the recent emergency. Let's see an article on the more positive human interest aspects of this situation.

I don't think ferry employees have an attitude. I've traveled on the ferries every summer for 37 years and have met nothing but helpful and polite crew members. I hope the ferry workers keep up the good work.

Following the logic of the caller who said that ferries are unreliable so we need a road - cars are unreliable and avalanches are unreliable too. At least, if we have a ferry that has an emergency situation - other ferries can pick up the slack. Get real, we need the ferries.

It's nice that the governor supported road access for a community of 280 people over the objections of the environmental community. Why doesn't he support road access for the 30,000 people living in the capital city?

I'm not an engineering expert but I bet there was a loose connection on the Columbia that started the fire. Let's get the ship fixed and back on the run and not tie it up for weeks with Coast Guard inspections.

The permanent fund was not created to pay dividends and suck the state dry every year. The Alaska Permanent Fund was created to help the state in times of trouble, like now, to help balance the budget.

How do I explain to my daughter that the state of Alaska does not have enough money to pay her teacher? Her teacher was laid off and yet the state puts $250 million into the $28 billion Permanent Fund Corporation. Can somebody explain it to me so I can explain it to my daughter?

I was very surprised that Gov. Knowles signed the permanent fund transfer bill. There are serious concerns about where money is going to come from to fund services around the state. This was a mistake.

I'm a Juneau sportfishermen. The charter boat guys catch a few fish but I hope they win this legal mess. It's the trollers that are taking the fish, not the charter boats.

I find it ironic that the charter fleet that has claimed for years that they sell the experience not the fish are up in arms that they can't keep kings.

To those who chose to use natural resources in a commercial enterprise, these natural resources belong to everyone and I hope the bottom line never dictates how we manage these resources.

After reading the Wednesday My Turn by the contractor who builds tourist facilities, it sounds like another satisfied local millionaire. Too bad there are few benefits for everyone else.

Will voluntary compliance continue after the initiative deadline? I'd like the option to vote this fall. I'm signing the Peace and Quiet Initiative.

Some day I'm going to be in a place where there is nothing but peace and quiet. Until then, I'm going to enjoy the noise of everyday life.

I think the tourist industry people are so greedy that they would clearcut Juneau and have the locals wear clown suits so they can make money.

Why is it greedy for a downtown business to stay open seven days but not greedy for other businesses in town? Why is it greedy for an aviation company to fly seven days a week in the summer but not greedy for the commercial air carrier in town to fly every day? Are we talking about greed or discrimination?

To the lady and motorcyclist who almost hit my daughter in front of Gastineau School. Thanks for coming over to talk to me. My daughter was real shook up and learned a very valuable lesson.

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