Klawock: DEC gives spill report

Posted: Sunday, June 09, 2002

The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation's Prevention and Emergency Response Program gave a situation report on a home heating oil tank spill that happened on Tlingit Street in Klawock on May 23.

It is estimated that all of the 500 gallons of oil in the tank was released. A 3/8-inch fitting on the fuel line that connects two ends of the line failed. The home was unoccupied at the time of the spill.

The party considered potentially responsible has contracted a local contractor to remove contaminated material and install interception trenches as necessary in the oil plume between the tank and the beach. Oil absorbent boom and material have been deployed to collect oil that leaches from the soil. Contaminated material will be stockpiled on a liner awaiting the treatment and disposal.

Regular discussions will be maintained between the potential responsible party - not further identified - spill response contractor, city of Klawock personnel, and the U.S. Coast Guard regarding necessary cleanup.

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