Gov. distant from seniors

Posted: Monday, June 09, 2003

I work with seniors as a senior companion. Being a senior companion entails listening and counseling seniors. From my personal observations most are feeling scared - fearful as to what the future may hold for them. Some may no longer be able to continue in residence in this state; others may need to rely more on family thus surrendering, to some degree, a level of independence this small stipend had afforded them. It's a small but significant amount of money important to an even smaller, apparently insignificant group of people. Gov. Murkowski has now chosen to do now what time would have done eventually. Why?

Lest the governor forget, most of these long time seniors kept him in Washington for those many years and some even elected him as their governor of choice. Now this group is being called upon to make sacrifices that most cannot afford and it seems to be a sacrifice that is theirs alone to make.

No one on the hill knows the importance $250 can have in the life of a senior. A governor's benefits are so much greater and even better protected. Gov. Murkowski will never know the sacrifice they now are being asked to make. Such a pittance has no meaning to him. He can't see its effects and will never know its impact.

"The voice of the poor is never just, but until you hear it you will never know what justice is."

Take a moment, governor, and listen as I do every day.

June Gerrish


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