Angry over polar bear reaction

Posted: Monday, June 09, 2008

I am a registered Republican and former Alaska visitor who is very unhappy with the actions of Republican Gov. Sarah Palin, who proposed suing our federal government because it has listed the polar bear as a threatened species.

Most wildlife experts agree that the polar bear is headed for extinction within a generation if nothing is done to protect its loss of habitat caused by global warming. Overwhelming scientific evidence shows that global warming is caused and/or intensified by manmade pollution.

Since man has caused the problem, don't we also have a responsibility to try to help? How many more species must we wipe out before we act?

Palin exemplifies the worst in the current generation of Republican politicians who always place man's monetary self-interest above protecting our remarkable planet and the flora and fauna that were once in abundance here. It is beyond hypocritical that Palin often wears a polar bear broach and then suggests suing the U.S. government because it is trying to save the bears from destruction.

By area, Alaska is the largest state in the union, with more acreage than most countries. Yet Palin has no room either in her heart or in her vast state to allow polar bears to peacefully coexist with man. Sad.

Susan Fong

Las Vegas

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