Faceless in Virginia

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Monday, June 10, 2002

I find the recent ads paid for by the faceless "Americans for Job Security" to be appalling. Even if their information was accurate, these ads are unacceptable Outside interference in our affairs. I call on all of your readers to fight back by calling or writing "Americans for Job Security" at: 1240 N. Pitt St., Alexandria VA 22314-5601 or call 703-535-3110.

Let them know that you don't appreciate them meddling in Alaska and they should stick to buying Virginia elections. What they are doing in Alaska may be perfectly legal, but I think it's perfectly amoral.

Finally, I think your paper should be in the forefront of protecting Alaskans from outside influence by digging up contact information on these faceless, unaccountable Outside organizations and printing that information in the paper. This should be done regardless of the organization if they don't have an Alaskan address.

Daniel Cornwall


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