Juneau won't be sorry

Posted: Sunday, June 10, 2007

"Coming Together for the Sake of Our Kids Part I" was Project Playground. "Part II" is to vote yes Tuesday on the school bond propositions.

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Those same people who pushed us into higher costs by a re-vote initiative are now, like the "Pirates of the Caribbean," resurfacing to block the small remaining pieces needed to complete the new high school.

The higher costs are not due to "sugar coating" as suggested by Tim Whiting on Wednesday, but rather from the overturn vote that pushed construction back two years into a period dominated by astronomical cost increases in construction materials caused by Hurricane Katrina.

Look at the plans, and you will find no evidence of the proverbial gilded cage. I surmise that many against these propositions fear a nonexistent bogeyman raiding their fixed income or nest eggs. Thankfully we have prevailed against this mentality in the past or we would not now enjoy Eaglecrest Ski Area, Treadwell Arena and the Adair-Kennedy Memorial Park complex, which help define our community.

I have no doubt that a 70 percent state-subsidized track and athletic field will be another positive addition to the inventory. Let's eliminate the penny pinching and show some foresight rather than short sight, which inevitably will lead to hindsight over missed opportunities.

Vote yes on all the propositions, and I guarantee Juneau won't be sorry.

Brian Goettler


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