Outsiders: Archie Cavanaugh

Juneau's outdoor lives

Posted: Sunday, June 10, 2007

Age: 56

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Occupation: Vocational Training & Resource Center director; VTRC higher education manager; Spring King Salmon Derby director and founder.

Favorite Outdoor Activites: "Fifth-wheeling. It's a fifth-wheel trailer I pull on the back of my truck. We go to Canada every year. I love camping. I also love fishing. When I'm down in Mexico I love to swim - or Hawaii, going snorkeling, that kind of thing. I also like to work on sockeye salmon for smoking and jarring with my wife."

Favorite Outdoor Sports: "Unfortunately I've had two hip replacements. I used to be an avid basketball player, but I can still make a few shots." Also: hiking and walking his dogs, a bichon Frise and a Yorkshire terrier poodle.

Favorite Outdoor Spots: The RV park near the Mendenhall Glacier for local camping in his fifth-wheel; for walking, Auke Bay; for snorkeling, Hanauma Bay on Oahu, Hawaii. "And of course Waikiki Beach."

Close encounter: At Hanauma Bay: "My wife was swimming with me, and I could hear her screaming underwater going in the opposite direction. I looked to see what she was screaming about, and I saw a striped snake coming straight at me. I almost lost my trunks on that one."

Close encounter II: Off the beach at Ixtapa, Mexico: "I joined some people who were diving under what looked to me like 20-foot waves. My back was to a wave when it was coming ... by the time I turned around the wave looked like a giant Tsunami wave."

Cavanaugh tried to dive but didn't get deep enough. "It washed me up to the area where the tourists were sitting in lawn chairs."

Bystanders laughed at the scary situation. "By the time I was walking up the beach, my trunks were down around my legs. It scared me, but after a while I thought it was funny."

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