Glacier Valley Rotary Club honors students

Posted: Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Juneau's Glacier Valley Rotary Club has selected Juneau-Douglas High School junior Jeff Foster as its Student of the Month for May.

Dale Staley, a vice principal at JDHS, recommended Foster for the honor at the suggestion of foreign language teacher Janna Lelchuk. Lelchuk reported that Foster, a second-year Russian student, has excelled in class and has participated in many cultural projects outside of class.

Foster also assisted a Russian exchange student, and Lelchuk said he has a "great perspective of a global community and understands the importance of international cooperation."

Foster is interested in art and science, and after graduation he hopes to pursue those interests in a demanding, challenging academic program.

The Glacier Valley Rotary Club presented Foster with a certificate for outstanding achievement, and Foster received a savings bond from Alaska Pacific Bank.

The club also selected Adam Fleek, a senior at Juneau-Douglas High School, as its Student of the Month for June.

Vice principal Staley said Fleek was brought to his attention by Cindy Pastorino, one of the business education teachers at the high school.

Pastorino said of Adam, "In my 11 years at Juneau-Douglas High School, never have I had such a conscientious student as Adam. He is an outstanding young man who takes his education seriously."

In class, Fleek is focused on assignments and expectations and consistently submits quality work.

Fleek graduated from JDHS on June 7 with a 3.8 grade average and will travel to Wisconsin to work for the summer. He plans to return to Juneau in the fall to attend the Univesity of Alaska Southeast if some other lucky institution doesn't get him first. Eventually he would like to become an architect.

Juneau Glacier Valley Rotary Club presented Adam with a certificate for outstanding achievement and Alaska Pacific Bank presented him with a savings Bond.

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