Posted: Sunday, June 11, 2006

Age:: 31

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Occupation: Fisheries biologist, Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Favorite outdoor activity: "Of course fishing is No. 1," said Zeiser, who can also be found in the wilderness hunting on weekends and holidays. "I hunt all game, all seasons."

Winter love: Snowboarding.

Favorite place to fish: Zeiser, who grew up in Ketchikan, said she enjoys freshwater and saltwater fishing. "As far as freshwater fishing, the Naha River (near Ketchikan). I love steelhead fishing. As far as saltwater fishing, anywhere the fish are running."

First steps: Zeiser has been fishing since she was a child. "I started working in canneries when I was 15 and commercial fished thereafter."

In the field: She has been working for Fish and Game since 1996 first in commercial fisheries and now in sport-fishing. "Honestly, I think it's great to be away from town. It's rejuvenating and peaceful. It's where I belong. It's where I want to live."

Success in the field: Zeiser said her best time hunting was on Admiralty Island when she bagged a three-by-four Sitka blacktail deer. "It was fascinating. It was maybe 100 yards away. I shot it in the neck and it went right down. One side of the rack fell off, but I had it mounted. It was amazing."

Close encounters: "I've had many, many bear encounters in field camp." Once, a sow with one cub false-charged and she thought it was getting ready to charge again. "We were ready - locked and loaded. It was a scary moment in my life."

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