The first shot has been fired

Posted: Monday, June 11, 2007

Perhaps the first shot has been fired in the next battle to keep the state Capitol in Juneau.

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Gov. Sarah Palin's suggestion to hold a special legislative session in Anchorage later this month seems to have become reality. Our governor feels the Legislature should "meet where it's less expensive" to save money for the state. I agree 100 percent, and in light of a Legislative Affairs Agency report that states a session in Anchorage will cost double what it will cost in Juneau, I suggest they all make arrangements to be in Juneau on June 25 so they can get right to work bright and early the following morning.

Let the governor and all the legislators remember that the state Capitol is in Juneau. The infrastructure to support legislative activity is located in Juneau, and the state pays for the Legislature to meet in Juneau. Therefore, the Legislature should meet nowhere else.

Brian Borowski


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