Cecelia Unick is still on the line after a half-century

Posted: Wednesday, June 13, 2001

On June 30, there will be a celebration at the Ward Cove Packing plant at Excursion Inlet of Cecelia Unick's 50 years of work at the plant.

Unick was born at Excursion Inlet - across Icy Strait from Hoonah - and grew up in Hoonah. A number of relatives in the generation before hers had worked at fish-packing plants at Excursion, and she started at Ward Cove when she turned 19 in 1951.

Unick has worked mostly with pinks, she says, and with sockeye as well - on the slime line, in the plant freezer and in most parts of the facility.

"I have enjoyed the work, partly because I was born here and I grew up here," Unick says. "Also, I do like to get away from Juneau now and then."

Unick works at the plant from early summer through the fall.


Unicke gets ready to work on a halibut approximately 15 years ago.

photos courtesy of Cecelia Unick

Photos Courtesy of Cecelia Unick

Although many of the workers live in company-provided dormitories at Excursion, Unick lives in one of the company cabins, she says.

She is looking forward to the celebration of her anniversary, which will include a performance of the Yun shu ka dancers, of which she is a member.

The festivities will begin after dinner on June 30, she says, at about 6 p.m.

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