Letter: Empire checklist

Posted: Wednesday, June 13, 2001

I am surprised that one of your subscribers feels that the Empire's coverage of local news is inadequate (Thinking Out Loud, June 10). The Empire actually does a great job of reporting local news, not only on the front page but throughout the paper.

Many news items are covered in depth and opposing viewpoints on controversial issues receive balanced, fair treatment, helping the reader reach informed opinions. After trips away from Juneau, one of my priorities is to read the papers that I missed to catch up on local events that happened while I was gone. Features that I particularly appreciate include:

Providing the name of the reporter responsible for each article; photographs by Michael Penn; TOE cartoons (perceptive, humorous commentary on local issues); Doonesbury; Dilbert; Peanuts; Around Town and calendars of local events; Ships in Port; police and fire; obituaries of local and former residents; Capitol Notebook by Bill McAllister; Audubon Society nature articles; editorials - local and reprints from other papers such as the L.A. Times, Anchorage Daily News, Washington Post; Thinking Out Loud; Letters to the Editor; My Turn; Living and Growing; Word of Mouth - as an indicator of local concerns. The new policy of publishing names of callers seems to have dried up the flood of mean-spirited and misinformed complaints.

I also like photo want-ads for boats, cars, etc.; Panhandle Post short news items from other Southeast Alaska towns; What's Up With That; Preview of local stage and musical productions; Business Profile of local business owners; In the Tank gas prices; and tennis coverage in the Sports section.

The balance of local and national news is about right and I hope you will continue present policies.

Ted Merrell


Readers are encouraged to let the editor know what they like or dislike about the paper's content. Write Steve Reed at 3100 Channel Drive, Juneau 99801 or e-mail comments to streed@juneauempire.com.

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