Letter: A holiday for our flag

Posted: Wednesday, June 13, 2001

Two zero zero one, two thousand and one ... no matter how you say it, even a self pronounced futurist such as myself finds it hard to believe we have finally made it to the 21st century. Although we are not caught up in some superhuman space odyssey, no manned mission to Jupiter is planned; nor have we performed miraculous feats of colonization on the moon, but rest assured there are countless things to be grateful for here in the dawn of this new century.

We as citizens of the United States of America should be especially proud, because we are citizens of the leading nation on our planet. Our democratic government has inspired and infatuated more humans to greatness than we will ever know, as Dr. Schlessinger shared in his Pillars of American Freedom speech - "Democracy is now the predominant form of government in the world." The fact that our forefathers had the ability to plan a form of government as great as our democracy is a true testament to the greatness that humans can achieve.

With all that there is to be thankful for, being a citizen of our nation ranks as one of the most important on my list, but I would like to share something I am really thankful for: CHEAP FLAGS!

In a few days we will be celebrating a national holiday in honor of our country's flag. From it's most humble beginnings as a sign of protest, to its heralded status as an icon symbolic of our nation with its 50 stars for our 50 states, 13 stripes for the original 13 colonies, a bold field of navy blue and alternating red and white stripes captures the boldness of our American way of life, our way of governing and our greatness as a nation.

So this week, pick up a flag - they're cheap! They cost as much as a couple of bagels, or a soda and a candy bar. Then when Flag Day comes, fly your flag. Put one on your porch, hang one from your rearview mirror, or just stop and gaze at one flying somewhere, you'll be glad you did, and that swelling of pride you have when you pause and really take in the sight of our flag waving in the wind ... you'll know why there is a national holiday just for our flag!

Chris Letterman


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