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Posted: Sunday, June 13, 2004

Man arrested on rape charge

JUNEAU - Juneau police arrested local resident Dale A. James, 28, on Saturday morning on a charge of first-degree sexual assault, they reported.

At about 7:30 a.m. a local woman walking in a Lemon Creek mobile home park told police she had been assaulted at another location in the area.

James was lodged at the Lemon Creek Correctional Center. The woman was treated in the emergency room of Bartlett Regional Hospital. Police are continuing their investigation.

Gunshots downtown cause no injuries

JUNEAU - Police are investigating an incident in which an unknown gunman fired several rounds at or near a window of a downtown hotel at about 3:30 a.m. Saturday. The man then fled.

The two occupants of the room were not injured, police said.

Fairbanks DJ in Dutch after panning Reagan

ANCHORAGE - The firing of a University of Alaska Fairbanks disc jockey who put on a radio show he called a "celebration" of Ronald Reagan's death has been rescinded.

Scott Hornyak, 28, who goes by the name "Spider Bui" on-air, was suspended indefinitely from his disc jockey job at KSUA-FM after his show last Sunday. He was fired Friday from his paid business manager's job at the station.

"They're firing me because of what I said, and the public's reaction to what I said," Hornyak said.

Late Friday afternoon, UAF officials said the firing was premature and had not been done in consultation with the university administration. Hornyak will be temporarily reassigned to another job.

The show generated numerous complaints, station managers said.

No tape was available. But, according to the Hornyak, he berated Reagan for his foreign policy in Latin America, Iraq and Afghanistan, and for what the student called a "homophobic" response to the AIDS epidemic.

He said he was sick of the media "glorifying Reagan and rewriting history."

He said he played requests such as "These Boots Are Made For Walking" and told listeners he wanted to "walk over the newly laid dirt" on Reagan's grave.

Reagan died last Saturday at the age of 93.

H.B. Telling, KSUA's general manager, said Hornyak was suspended as a disc jockey solely because of his failure to obey the station's rules and not because of the inflammatory content of the show.

He said Hornyak had not filled out a log of the songs he played on air and that he had not played the station's standard disclaimers announcing that his views did not represent those of the station or the university.

Hornyak said he didn't fill out the logs due to absent-mindedness and that he didn't play the disclaimer because he was busy taking song requests. He said that the infractions were common and that he had never been reprimanded for them.

KSUA, like the campus newspaper, is supported by student activity fees and allocated by the campus student government. Its broadcasting license is held by the university Board of Regents.

Grocery store worker bags robber

FAIRBANKS - Sixteen-year-old Patrick Potts bags groceries, takes out the trash and cleans toilets at the IGA Food Cache in Delta Junction. On Thursday, his duties expanded when he tackled a would-be robber who was reportedly wielding a knife.

"He was posing a threat to my friend," Potts said. "I was not going to stand for it."

Christopher L. Haugen, 21, was in jail Friday at the Fairbanks Correctional Center on $50,000 bail. He faces charges of first-degree robbery and third-degree assault in connection with the incident.

Haugen reportedly arrived at the store about 8 p.m. For the next two hours, he wandered around the store, said night manager Avenir Vorobyov.

He walked in and out of the store about five times, Vorobyov said. At some point, he put on black gloves.

At 9:56 p.m., minutes before closing, Vorobyov went outside briefly. About that time, Potts was walking down an aisle from the back of the store. Both heard a 17-year-old checker they identified as Jennifer screaming.

According to the court complaint, Haugen had asked the cashier for cigarettes and when she returned to the checkout lane Haugen was holding a knife.

The girl tried to run toward the store's bakery, was grabbed by Haugen, then broke free, according to the complaint.

Vorobyov said he and Potts cornered the suspect.

"Patrick just nailed him on the floor," Vorobyov said. "The knife flew in the air."

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