We don't have to listen to anti-road whiners

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Same old rhetoric over and over again. Gov. Frank Murkowski and administration including transportation department, realize the importance of the access road.

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The prep work is in high gear and looks like we will have cheap travel from the capital to the Alaska Highway in a couple of years, without all the delays.

We hear so much on who is in favor or against the access road in the three cities of Haines, Skagway and Juneau. Why would Haines and Skagway vote for an access road? They are already connected to the Alaska Highway by road.

If you work for the ferry system, Alaska Airlines and small carriers out of Juneau, would you vote for the road? Without the road, you've got job security, no matter how many millions of dollars are being spent to subsidize the ferry system. How many environmentalists, Earth Justice and Berners Bay lovers are going to vote for the road? Yet, it's still 50 percent for the road. That should tell somebody something.

Why weren't the small cities south of Juneau polled, or do we count? I would say that 100 percent of the citizens of Hoonah are pushing for the road.

My hat goes off to the transportation department pushing for the road. Now we won't have to listen to all the whining.

Dean Nielson


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