Discouraged by Juneau's trash

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I moved to Juneau just about a year ago. My first visit was in December, and I thought the area was some of the most beautiful and breathtaking I had ever seen. I now realize how mistaken I was, and I am writing to ask the residents a few questions.

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I live in the valley. I walk my dog, on a leash, twice a day. I carry two bags, one for his poop and the other to fill with trash. I have to say that of all the cities I have lived in, this is by far the trashiest. Why is that?

I walk on the Mendenhall Loop Road everyday, and each day, I can pick up a bag of trash in one-half mile. When I walk on Stephen Richards or Riverside drives, I can easily pick up two. I walked past a purple wading pool on Riverside Drive for six months before the citywide cleanup folks removed it. Why didn't the folks who lived there remove it? When I walk around the Floyd Dryden Middle School area, I am saddened and appalled at the amount of trash that is in the woods and the river. Do the children here learn how to care for their neighborhoods and be good citizens?

I wonder about the citywide cleanup day. Can this somehow involve everyone from the neighborhoods, so that it promotes pride in those neighborhoods and the community as a whole, instead of the idea that the trash is someone else's responsibility?

Liz Stahl


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