Fishing friends find Northern pike

Posted: Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Christmas morning 1972 was bitter cold in Duluth, Minn., but fishing buddies Jerome Prahl, 11, and Gene Pappas, 12, donned their warm clothing and headed out on the story that they were going to church.

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When they reached the fish house, they used Christmas wrapping paper to get the fire going.

Prahl's father and his friend, Pete Brisk, had built the fish house that the boys were using. It was so cold, Pappas was ready to give up, but Prahl kept working the decoy that Pappas' father had made.

Suddenly, an 18-pound Northern pike appeared in the hole. Gene speared the giant fish, and together he and Jerome managed to land it.

Now what does a father, who has instilled his love of fishing into his son, say when the two boys show up at the door with this fish?

"Come on boys, let's go down to the newspaper and get a picture of this fish," said Prahl's father.

That was 34 years ago. Now the two "boys" are back together fishing again. Only this time it's in Juneau. Pappas stills lives in Duluth, but Prahl moved to Juneau and is now a member of its Fire Department.

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