Padres slip past Dodgers in Junior Baseball

Mariners and Cardinals play a close one in Major Baseball

Posted: Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Padres scored in the bottom of the seventh to win a hard-fought game over a determined Dodgers team 13-12 on Thursday in Gastineau Channel Little League Junior Baseball action.

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Chris Pearce drew a walk with two outs in the seventh and eventually scored the game-winning run for the Padres.

Everyone on the Padres scored at least one run as the Dodgers used seven pitchers in the shootout.


Rockies 22, Dodgers 4

Eric Verrelli hit a grand slam as the Rockies topped the Dodgers on June 5.

Paige Olsen hit a two-run single, Brianna Joralemon hit an RBI single while Miles Bedford went 3-for-4 with a three-run home run and five RBIs for the Dodgers.

Christopher Luck went 3-for-3 with a double and Garrett Cheeseman drove in two runs on two hits in the win.

Ryan Baldwin led the Dodgers with two RBIs. Matt Leighton and James San Miguel each drove in a run in defeat.


A's 19, Braves 0

Tanner Petrie and Duane Cooper combined on a shutout as the Braves defeated the A's on Saturday.

Mariners 9, Cardinals 6

The Mariners upended the Cardinals in a close match-up on Saturday.

Derek Brobst, Jeffrey Pusich and R.J. Markovich drove in two runs each for the Mariners.

Kyle Gould hit a double and scored, Zach Cuddihy scored twice, Christian Gould singled and scored twice, Ryan Lee had two runs and two sacrifices and Javier Magallanes singled in the win.

Also for the Mariners, Austin Thomas walked twice.

Lee pitched four innings with five strikeouts in the win while Pusich pitched two innings of no-hit relief.

For the Cardinals, Jack Grummett struck out five batters and allowed four hits in four innings. Kurt Vandor and George Grummett combined to strikeout three batters and allow three hits in two innings.

Offensively, Vandor had two hits and two RBIs, Jackson Pavitt had two hits and two runs scored and Tod Baseden singled and scored. Also, Nick Stewart singled and scored in the loss.

Cardinals 10, Braves 5

George Grummett and Nick Stewart combined for four RBIs as the Cardinals defeated the Braves on Thursday.

Grummett hit a two-run double and Stewart connected on a two-run single.

Dylan Johnson scored twice and Hunter Cameron hit a sacrifice in the win.

Johnson struck out nine batters and allowed one hit in four innings of shutout relief.

For the Braves, Aquino Brinson scored twice and Gary Speck added an RBI in the win.

Mariners 8, A's 6

Christian Gould and Derek Brobst each went 3-for-3 to lead the division-leading Mariners past the A's on Wednesday.

Zach Cuddihy and Kyle Gould scored two runs each while Jeffrey Pusich, Gould and Ryan Lee all pitched in the win.

Jackson Lehnhart led the A's with two runs scored. Lehnhart and Marc Heifetz all pitched for the A's.

Cardinals 20, Angels 9

Kurt Vandor drove in eight runs on two triples and double as the Cardinals upended the Angels on June 5.

Trey Williams went 3-for-3 with two RBIs and two doubles with four runs scored.

The Cards' defense made just one error in six innings.

The Angels' Chatham Miller led his team with a 3-for-4 effort with three RBIs.

Patrick Millay scored three times and Alex Matheson had three stolen bases for the Angels.


As of June 10


W L T Pts. Pct. GB

Tigers 8 2 0 16 .800 -

White Sox 6 4 0 12 .600 2

Twins 4 7 0 8 .364 4.5

Rangers 3 8 0 6 .273 5.5


W L T Pts. Pct. GB

Mariners 9 3 0 18 .750 -

A's 9 3 0 18 .750 -

Cardinals 7 5 0 14 .583 2

Angels 5 6 0 10 .455 3.5

Phillies 3 9 0 6 .250 6

Braves 2 9 0 4 .182 6.5


W L T Pts. Pct. GB

Padres 9 2 0 18 .818 -

Rockies 5 6 0 10 .455 4

Diamondbacks 5 6 0 10 .455 4

Dodgers 3 8 0 6 .273 6


W L T Pts. Pct. GB

Red Sox 3 2 1 7 .500 -

Orioles 2 2 1 5 .400 .5

Yankees 1 2 0 2 .333 1


W L T Pts. Pct. GB

Marlins 8 2 0 16 .800 -

Angels 5 5 0 10 .500 3

Mariners 3 6 0 6 .333 5.5

A's 3 6 0 6 .333 5.5


W L T Pts. Pct. GB

Braves 5 2 1 11 .688 -

Phillies 2 5 1 11 .312 4


Field key: AK=Adair-Kennedy, MF=Miller Field, MR=Mendenhall River, AV=Auke View, MP=Melvin Park


Wednesday, June 13

Rangers vs. Twins, 6 p.m. MP2

Thursday, June 14

Tigers vs. White Sox, 6 p.m. AV2

Saturday, June 16

White Sox vs. Rangers, 2:30 p.m. MF2

Twins vs. Tigers, 5 p.m. MF2

Monday, June 18

White Sox vs. Twins, 6 p.m. AV2

Tuesday, June 19

Rangers vs. Tigers, 6 p.m. MF2


Wednesday, June 13

Mariners vs. Braves, 6 p.m. MF2

Thursday, June 14

Cardinals vs. Angels, 6 p.m. MF1

A's vs. Phillies, 6 p.m. MF2

Saturday, June 16

Angels vs. Mariners, 10 a.m. MF1

Cardinals vs. A's, 1 p.m. MF1

Braves vs. Phillies, 4 p.m. MF1

Monday, June 18

Mariners vs. A's, 6 p.m. MF1


Thursday, June 14

Rockies vs. Diamondbacks, 6 p.m. AK1

Padres vs. Dodgers, 6 p.m. MP1

Saturday, June 16

Rockies vs. Padres, 10:30 a.m. AK1

Dodgers vs. Diamondbacks, 1:30 p.m. MP1

Tuesday, June 19

Rockies vs. Dodgers, 6 p.m. AK1

Padres vs. Diamondbacks, 6 p.m. MP1


Wednesday, June 13

Orioles vs. Yankees, 7 p.m. AK1

Saturday, June 16

Yankees vs. Red Sox, 1:30 p.m. AK1

Orioles vs. Red Sox, 4:30 p.m. AK1

Monday, June 18

Yankees vs. Orioles, 6 p.m. AK1


Thursday, June 14

Cubs vs. Cardinals, 6:30 p.m. MP3

Saturday, June 16

Cubs vs. Reds, 10 a.m. MP3

Astros vs. Cardinals, noon MP3

Tuesday, June 19

Cubs vs. Astros, 6:30 p.m. MP3


Wednesday, June 13

Angels vs. Mariners, 5:45 p.m. MP2

Thursday, June 14

Marlins vs. A's, 6:30 p.m. MP2

Saturday, June 16

Marlins vs. Angels, 10 a.m. MP2

Mariners vs. A's, 12:15 p.m. MP2

Tuesday, June 19

Angels vs. A's, 6:30 p.m. MP2


Wednesday, June 13

Phillies vs. Braves, 7:45 p.m. MP2

Saturday, June 16

Phillies vs. Braves, 2:30 p.m. MP2

Braves vs. Phillies, 4:30 p.m. MP2

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