Natives show true honor for veterans

Posted: Wednesday, June 14, 2000

I feel that someone needs to thank the Native dancers and the different dance groups for the honor that they gave to the Native veterans after the parade.

Different dance groups, even the group from Canada, danced in honor of the veterans. This honor was not part of the program and happened because of a true respect toward the veterans. The feelings of this honor could be seen in the faces of the veterans that were present after the parade.

For the first time I, as a veteran, feel that the time that I spent serving this country was truly recognized by someone. I do not get that feeling on Veteran's Day or Memorial Day. I feel that the groups that run the services on Veteran's and Memorial Day could learn from this example of showing true honor to the people that these days are set aside for.

I am sure that I can speak for the many veterans that were present when I say thank you for the honor that was given at that time and place.

James G. Brouillette Jr.Juneau

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