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Posted: Wednesday, June 14, 2000

I just finished my work for the U.S. Census enumerating people from Douglas, Juneau, North Douglas and Lemon Creek. I want to express my appreciation to the many people who gave their time and willingly worked with me. But I suggest an etiquette book to one of the pillars of our society who lives in Douglas. His manners need to be approved.

Juneau has been run too long by the same good old boy network. When elected officials publicly call voters with opinions ``idiots'' it's time to send them back to where they come from. I've been in Juneau 35 years. Tom Garrett has been here 10 years. Don't try to Californicate my town. A plane with Tom Garrett on it is noise pollution I would appreciate it.

I've been taking around the Peace and Quiet Coalition petition. I'm very troubled by how many city employees are afraid to sign for fear of retaliation. This is a dreadful situation for our community.

As a voter for many years, I don't remember electing Kirby Day to the assembly. Why is he their chief spokesmen on tourism? Let's remember his pals Garrett and Powell next election. It would be nice to hear from other assembly members and our mayor on tourism issues.

I agree with the caller that said the real noise in this town is Egan Drive. When is the city going to deal with that?

After the pounding I suffered today along Gastineau Channel - I vote ``yes'' for a cap on flightseeing. Those tourist dollars would be better spent on quiet tours or on the downtown shops.

As a longtime resident of Juneau, I want to thank the tourism industry for doing everything they can to make our town a pleasant place for the tourists and the residents. I hear fewer planes and have encountered less traffic. Thanks for your efforts.

If the flightseeing companies modified their activities before they were forced to we could trust them more.

I work from 11 at night until 7 in the morning, so I sleep during the day. None of the air traffic bothers me at all. The people who are complaining have way too much time on their hands.

I have one word to the people who keep complaining in this column - you have too much time on your hands. Volunteer with one of the agencies in town and put your time to good use instead of complaining so much.

There should be a law that all vehicles should have mud flaps.

I am so angry. I was just shopping and there was a man berating his wife about her weight in the middle of the store. I was never so embarrassed for anyone in my life. It was humiliating for everyone around. Plus, she was not heavy, he was bigger than her. If I was her, I would leave the bugger.

Isn't it about time that we thank the gas dealers for hanging onto their prices while the rest of the nation's gas prices go up?

Is it not about time that we build some new access roads in this town? Maybe our new name should be Los Angeles of the North with all the new construction going on.

I adopted two cats from the Humane Society. The only reason there is too many cats is because people are not taking care of them. It takes three seconds to fill out the paper work that simply ensures that the animals won't be treated cruelly and that people will take care of them.

Juneau has one of the most pedestrian friendly downtowns in the country. I love being able to do my banking, go to lunch and do a little shopping all in a two-to three-block area.

Alaska is one of the biggest benefactors of federal money in the country. The money we pay in federal taxes is just a drop in the bucket compared to what we receive from Uncle Sam.

Hang in there Juneau. Only three-and-a-half more months of helicopter noise and tour bus traffic.

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