Black bear still plentiful in Southeast

Posted: Thursday, June 14, 2001

The black bear population in Southeast Alaska is healthy, so residents can take two bears each with a regular hunting license.

"In general, I think black bears are doing quite well in Southeast Alaska," said Neil Barten, area biologist for the state Division of Wildlife Conservation.

In Unit 1C, the hunting area that includes Juneau, about 100 black bears have been shot so far this year. The season closes June 30, then reopens in the fall.

Besides having a valid hunting license, hunters should check the land ownership where they wish to hunt. Hunting is allowed on federal and state land, but permission is needed on privately owned land.

After a bear is harvested, the skull and hide must be brought to a sealing representative or the Department of Fish and Game. Fish and Game measures the skull and takes one tooth to judge the age of the bear population.

The regulations are different for brown bear and can be found in the hunting regulation booklets available from Fish and Game.

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