New school foes bamboozled voters

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, June 14, 2004

My hat's off to the person or group of people who chose several days before middle school graduation to hold the new high school referendum election. It was masterful. Having no means yes and yes means no was just the icing on the cake. But having the vote take place before all those people who normally attend middle school graduation have to ponder what happens next (that is where do all those kids go?) was shear genius.

Some nice folks asked my wife and I to attend the graduation at the Dzantik'i I Heeni Junior High. As we sat in the stands in the gymnasium prior to the graduation ceremony, I just took time to count the number of empty chairs that would be filled shortly with newly-to-graduate kids. There were 32 chairs per row and eight rows. I quickly figured that would be 256 kids if all the seats were filled (and they were). Then I figured that there normally would be two parents and friends for each kid (there were a lot of folks there), and most of those are voters looking to see their kids graduate. ... But as they looked down on that auspicious celebration they probably said to themselves (as I did), where in the world are they going to put all those kids when they have just voted down a new high school?

I further figured that it was only one of the two middle schools that we were observing. All those kids from the graduating class at two schools were going to the old crowded high school. Yes, even figuring that a small high school graduating class was going to vacate the old building, where are they going to put all those new kids? Whoever does the election thing in Juneau, my hat's off to you. You didn't have my vote from the start of this because I voted for the school many years ago, but you sure bamboozled the rest of us folks. The timing was perfect for that.

George Snyder


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