Why experiment with ferries now?

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Mr. Murkowski and Mr. Taylor want to perform an experiment with the state's new fast ferries. Anxious to determine if they will hold up in the rough winter waters of Clarence Strait, they plan to move them to Ketchikan for the winter. While the attitude of experimentation may be admirable, isn't it a bit after the fact? They plan to take two ferries with the hefty price tag of $40 million apiece and "experiment."

If this truly is an experiment, then why put both ferries at risk? And what about forethought? What were the boats designed for? Anyone ever talk with the naval architect? Why did the Fairweather fail in Lynn Canal's rough water last winter? Are they really serious?

If these folks really want their "experiment" to be successful, they need only give southern Southeast the same non-service that was provided to northern Southeast last winter. I'm sure with such low usage, both boats will remain in pristine condition.

Bob Andrews


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