Undemocratic actions in the Legislature

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Monday's story about Nancy Dahlstrom's being "ostracized" by the Republican Party of Alaska made me want to barf. Who do those people think they are anyway? Legislators are elected to further the interests of the citizens of Alaska, not any particular party line.

Having any party, Republican, Democrat, or any other for that matter, dictate the positions that the party's legislators must support is un-American, undemocratic and a de facto abdication of the public's interests to a few party leaders. Let's hope Alaskans will see this for what it is and boot those two-bit dictators out of office.

Republicans are amply demonstrating they cannot be trusted to look after the interests of all Alaskans. They ruthlessly and invariably kowtow to their corporate benefactors and Alaskan citizen be damned. If any individual member tries to do right by their constituents and what they have promised, they are "ostracized and disciplined." As long as we let them get away with it, they will continue.

Their actions are very strong arguments for campaign finance reform, and term limitations. Let's put some people in office who will look after Alaskans instead of big corporate donors.

Hooray for Rep. Nancy Dahlstrom and her courage. Hooray for Al Vezey too for his courage to buck the party line in favor of his constituents.

Anne Pennington


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