Palin's supporters don't know much about Binkley

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Supporters of Sara Palin in her bid for governor persistently emphasize in the Anchorage Daily News that her opponent, John Binkley, made his fortune as a businessman; no one knows very much about John Binkley; and Palin's standings are inconsistent with the core values of the Republican Party in Alaska.

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For several generations, Binkley's family has been developing one of the most successful businesses in Alaska. The Binkleys have worked hard in their business, and they treat their employees with respect and great care. In a free-enterprise system, we admire hard work, honest business ethics and creative entrepreneurship. What's wrong with a family working hard, investing, creating jobs and earning a good income? Is that un-American or un-Alaskan?

If Palin's supporters educate themselves in the political history of Alaska, they will learn that, for three generations, John Binkley's family - and in the last 35 years, John Binkley in particular - have greatly contributed to public service in Alaska. Numerous articles and several books have been written about the Binkleys' public service to the people of Alaska. What Alaskans know about Sara Palin is that she was mayor of a small town in Alaska, and four years ago, she unsuccessfully campaigned for the office of lieutenant governor of Alaska.

Finally, if Palin believes that her views and political philosophy are inconsistent with the core values of the Republican Party in Alaska, then she should re-examine her values.

Alexander Dolitsky


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