Pebble answers Palin's call for bush jobs

Posted: Thursday, June 14, 2007

I was pleased to see that Gov. Sarah Palin is calling for more job growth in bush communities, where unemployment is high and economic opportunity is sparse.

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The development of the Pebble Mine project is right in line with the governor's remarks. Pebble will create more than 1,000 high-paying jobs. The jobs will last for decades. Alaskans in the Bristol Bay region will have the opportunity to stay home while learning new skills, supporting their families and contributing to the local economy.

To stand against this project at this point in time is premature. Northern Dynasty, the company proposing to develop the project, is still in the preliminary stages of creating a plan. They are spending millions of dollars on environmental studies and are already employing many Alaskans who otherwise might not be working.

There are strict laws that must be followed for any mine to be built. Pebble will require 67 different permits. There are processes in place to ensure that developments such as the Pebble Mine are safe.

We need to allow companies to follow these processes. If they are successful, all Alaskans, especially those in rural places such as Bristol Bay, will benefit from newly created jobs.

Ginger Johnson

Truth About Pebble board member


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