War resisters are the true heroes

Posted: Thursday, June 14, 2007

As a former Juneau resident, I still enjoy reading the Juneau Empire online, even though I now reside in Pittsburgh. I felt compelled to weigh in on the comments made by David Chandler in his My Turn "Does Petrarca Advocate Rebellion?" on May 28.

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I attended an event hosted by Iraq Vets Against the War. Several Iraqi war veterans gave firsthand testimonials about the relentless gunfire, car bombings and killing that soldiers are exposed to every day. One GI read a heart-wrenching account of killing an Iraqi while out on a night ambush. Other veterans described how difficult medical and psychological treatment was to obtain once they returned home.

The event ended with hundreds of residents signing a petition drafted by a veterans group that asked the Pittsburgh City Council to end the war, rebuild what we have broken in Iraq, and give fair benefits to veterans upon returning home, in hopes that Pittsburgh will become an anti-war city.

Chandler has the audacity to print the oath of enlistment defending the Constitution of the United States, which should be the central nervous system of our democracy - a Constitution that these resisting veterans know has been violated numerous times in the past six years by a corrupt administration.

Who better to resist this illegal war than soldiers who have experienced the pain and suffering brought about by the lies and mistakes of President George W. Bush?

I do believe it's Chandler who may be living in a dream world for failing to realize that more than 70 percent of this country oppose the war. Republicans and Democrats alike will continue funding the occupation for corporate profit and control of foreign oil reserves.

War resisters are the true heroes. I will be doing everything from the Lower 48 to support the efforts of these brave young men. I hope the residents of Juneau do the same.

Francine Porter


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