Media is shutting out one sane candidate

Posted: Thursday, June 14, 2007

Shamefully, but predictably, the mainstream media is trying to shut out from public discussion the one sane Republican candidate for president - the only one giving millions of people a real sense of hope, Ron Paul.

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This principled, 10-term congressman stands leagues apart from the rest of the pack.

He firmly believes in and supports all of our constitutional freedoms, has never voted to raise taxes, and terrifies the political establishment whose power he threatens by restoring rights to the people and the states while reigning in the federal government.

It's high time we take back our country and the mantle of patriotism from these pseudo-conservative, freedom-hating neo-con traitors who have hijacked the Republican Party and our government in their deadly quest for an American petro empire overseas and a repressive police state at home.

For everyone who realizes that this nation badly needs a new direction and not continued government expansion and foreign military adventurism, Ron Paul is your candidate. He neither supports nor caters to any special interests, only the American people and liberty.

And unlike Bush, Ron Paul will defend the Constitution and the freedoms it enshrines, as he has for decades in Congress.

Ron Paul represents everything the establishment hates and everything that this country needs.

Alan Kurczynski


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