Mixed-up governor

Posted: Sunday, June 15, 2003

Gov. Murkowski is betraying the public trust. His determination to close all but a few Department of Motor Vehicle offices throughout Alaska for the sake of saving money is nothing short of incompetent. In fact, this plan will only generate plenty of unnecessary hardship on a majority of citizens required to travel far, only to stand in very long DMV lines in a few larger communities.

Meanwhile, most of those former dedicated DMV employees will be losing their income, health plans, pension plans and quite possibly their homes. They will end up in unemployment lines or possibly find themselves in need of public assistance.

Former DMV Director Jay Dulany of Eagle River (1987-99), indicated in his Anchorage Daily News letter of June 9: "During my last year as director of DMV, the agency's budget was less than $9 million, but we collected more than $40 million ..."

It is clear as daylight that by this example, Alaska's DMV offices are quite profitable, and, in our opinions, no DMV offices should be closing. But to the contrary, these are "cash cows."

If Gov. Murkowski receives final approval on his plan to "save money by robbing citizens of so many statewide DMV offices," then we suggest retaliations such as "ignoring all forms of licensing renewals, tearing up police citations, summons to appear in courts of law and so forth."

If Alaska's governor won't play fair and honest, then why should our citizens? On second thought, why can't this governor restore public confidence by leaving DMV employees alone and just increase a few DMV rates, or better yet, reduce other branches of state government and leave the public alone? Please write you state legislators and demand more consideration from this mixed-up governor.

Calvin Sorrows

Gary J. Peterson


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