Parking officers do more than hand out tickets

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, June 15, 2004

I find the comments by David Newman in the June 11, 2004 letter to the editor concerning lack of downtown parking, very offensive. I assume he is new to Juneau from his letter. Mr. Newman, it's an accepted fact that Juneau has never been known to have copious free parking downtown. I find his comment "... avoid those pesky meter maids who are flying around the streets just itching to give you a ticket," very demeaning. These are community service officers (both male and female) who in many instances are the first at an accidents scene, who immediately provide first aid to injured citizens/tourists, who provide assistance to lost children and much more. They are not flying around town just itching to give you a parking ticket. What's your profession sir?

Timothy Bigelow


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