City lost a chance to show generosity

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, June 15, 2004

I was seriously disappointed to read that the city of Juneau lacks the generosity to follow suit with the other government agencies (and tribal governments) in the United States by recognizing the one-time holiday in honor of Ronald Reagan.

This isn't about budgets; it is about generosity and the well-being of your employees. I seriously doubt that any city buildings or parks will irreparably decay because your faithful and hardworking employees didn't come to work for eight hours.

The city continuously has their hand out to the public asking for our generosity, through requests to increase taxes, and the rates for city services. We have shown our generosity time and time again. Yet when the city gets the chance to show generosity to their employees (their No. 1 resource) they refuse, complain and criticize the governor for his generosity. To make it worse the event occurred in the face of a nationwide governmental display of generosity and concern for employees. The city shouldn't try to request generosity from others while refusing to offer it themselves.

Please, don't try to blame your lack of generosity, and resulting political and low employee morale problems, on the governor. The morale and motivation of city employees would have taken a drop anyway when they were left as the only government agency in the city required to work.

Jeanna Wittwer


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