A good Rags to Riches tale went missing

Posted: Friday, June 15, 2007

Many thanks for reporting in Thursday's paper that Rags to Riches would be running in the Belmont race on Saturday. As you indicated, she was only the 22nd filly to ever run in the race, the first since 1999, and - if she won - it would be the first time a filly won in over a century (since 1905).

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I was glad to learn all of this and told any number of friends and acquaintances so that we could cheer her on.

What a delight that she indeed won the race on Saturday. The odds were against her and it was a close and thrilling race. But I didn't see any article about this in either your Sunday or Monday paper. Did I miss the article? Or did the story slip by you?

I'm sorry in either event, because her victory was a bit of good cheer, and we can all use that these days.

Margot Knuth


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