Kevin Reeves' anti-immigraton sentiment

Posted: Friday, June 15, 2007

While I agree there certainly are important issues to consider regarding immigration, Kevin Reeves' obtuse reference to La Raza and MEChA in his article "The 'Great USA Giveaway" strike me as hate-promoting innuendo.

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If a person takes up Reeves' suggestion to take a quick ride on the information superhighway and Google either La Raza or MEChA, two main types of Web sites are found.

Pages of the first and most numerous type are full of fear-induced accusations of the sort Reeves presents.

Comprising the second group are level-headed rebuttals from La Raza and MEChA defending, with facts, their goals to promote peaceful college education and cultural integrity for people of Mexican decent who are in the United States.

Is hate-mongering scary and easy to get started? Yes. Is education scary or easy to get started? No.

Please, take a ride on the information superhighway.

Susan Cable


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