The president in waiting

Posted: Monday, June 16, 2003

In the upcoming 12 months, the name of Howard Dean will come to the forefront of our national political theater. Howard Dean is a Democrat running for president and is the former six-term governor of Vermont. Now why should you care about some no-namer from some small New England state? Because this is not one ordinary Democrat, this is a Democrat that will make you proud to be a Democrat again.

Howard Dean is environmentally sober, advocating more support for renewable energy and in signing the Kyoto Protocol, in contrast to our current administration's policy of breaking campaign promises by not raising carbon dioxide emission restrictions, refusing to recognize global warming despite conclusive scientific evidence, catering to corporate interests and in general, stripping, raping and pillaging the environment. He is the only man in this nation to have signed a bill recognizing civil unions, ending discrimination against gays and lesbians and providing the same benefits to them everyone else has. He supports moderation in gun control; he supports the Brady Bill, closing the gun show loophole, and says it's a states rights issue, garnering him an "A" from the National Rifle Association.

Dean supports healthcare for everyone; he believes every human should have the right to be treated for the ills even if they can not afford it. This is a right almost every developed country enjoys, except the most powerful country in the world. He preaches fiscal responsibility. Under his guidance, he brought Vermont from a state with a sizable deficit to one running a surplus virtually every year, with the best bond rating in New England - through both Bush recessions. He believes that more funds should be directed toward homeland security. He believes we should have inspected Iraq for weapons of mass destruction instead of attacking Iraq to find out they have none, pushing their weak social state into oblivion and solidifying anti-American sentiment worldwide.

He believes the $1.5 trillion of tax cuts, primarily to the rich, that were doled out in the last two years should be repealed, because it is driving our country into its biggest deficit ever. And most of all, he is a Democrat with a spine, a trait that is not all too common these days. Take a look at and

Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins


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