Don't whine to taxpayers

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, June 16, 2004

As a concerned taxpayer (who pays almost $400 monthly property tax and lives on an unpaved street) I would like to throw my two cents in concerning the city employees being snubbed on this Reagan holiday.

From my perspective as a worker in the private sector in the field of construction I am very grateful for the benefits that my union provides to me in terms of health and welfare and retirement with good pay. However, in my nearly 30 years in the trades I have never had a paid holiday where I didn't have to show up and work. Never had a sick day (with pay) where I could stay home and go fishing. No paid leave for vacation as many others in our fair city enjoy.

I have no ax to grind with city employees. After all, the people performing the work are the salt of the earth in my opinion. However, a peek at the city Web site reveals, unless I am mistaken, a total of 12 paid holidays, in addition to these other benefits. In the real world there are only five - hello - five, and they are traditionally rarely worked because they would be overtime. Please do not complain of low morale to us taxpayers.

In this time of continuing belt tightening (soaring health costs etc.) it is our city's administration's responsibility to do some tightening of their own on the issues I have related. They seem to feel that Joe taxpayer will continue to pick up the burden instead of cutting costs elsewhere.

Matthew Smith


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