Blaming it all on Reagan

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, June 16, 2004

A PhD in tripe is awarded to Daniel Buck for his ridiculous letter of June 15. First of all, the First Amendment doesn't give anyone the right to use his job at a radio station as a soapbox for spewing his opinion. Hornyak's comments were in extremely poor taste (to put it mildly), didn't reflect opinions of the university, audience, or advertisers; the station was flooded with complaints so they canned him. Tough. His rights weren't infringed. I would love to see Mike Wallace's or Chris Matthew's face were they to find themselves branded as spending their working lives with "right-wing corporate media." Also Helen Thomas, Sam Donaldson, Morley Safer and any number of other journalists who made a living scrutinizing Reagan during the 1980s.

Dan informs us that Saddam's weapons were destroyed 10 years ago. There is no possible way he or anyone else not high in the former regime can know that. He says "Reagan's funding of Saddam's terror regime" is to blame for the loss of life during the present Iraq war. He also thanks Reagan for September 11. The CIA, under Reagan of course, "trained" Usama Bin Laden. These "undeniable truths" are now being "wiped from our memory." Somehow I feel he wanted to make the connection with the Reagan presidency and its obvious blame for the Lakers' meltdown in this year's NBA finals but held himself back somehow.

Rick Kaufman


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