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Posted: Wednesday, June 16, 2004

... to George Campbell

Thank You to George Campbell, of "Little Diggers & Landscaping," for donating and delivering soil for a flower bed at the Habitat for Humanity House. The Juneau Garden Club is landscaping the property, and we deeply appreciate your generosity.

Vivian Meyers


... for help with the wetlands experience

From May 3 through May 11 the Juneau School District provided more than 400 Juneau students in 16 fourth grade classes hands-on natural science education on the wetlands as part of the Sea Week curriculum. Students got to experience the bounty of life and interwoven natural systems on the Mendenhall wetlands with 40 volunteer instructors with expertise in geology, plants, birds, fish and invertebrates. Many thanks are in order.

First, to all the people who use the airport dike trail and especially dog owners who heeded our request to keep your dogs on the trail and on their leashes: thank you for being mindful of the students and their learning experience.

Next, the biggest thanks to the wonderful volunteer scientists and naturalists who taught at the following stations and the agencies and businesses that allowed them time to volunteer:

Geology and Plants: Randy Wanamaker (Gateway Technologies); Anne Post (ADF&G); Lance Miller (JEDC); Becky Marjerison; Dave Cox (U.S. Forest Service); Kerry Lear (Kennecott Greens Creek Mining); Mike Satre (Kennecott Greens Creek Mining); Peter Bittenbender (BLM); Jeff Goetz (U.S. Geological Survey); Tiffany Fraser (R & M Engineering); and Nathan Adams (UAS).

Fish and Invertebrates: Jon Heifetz (NMFS); Brian Glynn (ADF&G); Joe Orsi (NMFS); John Clark (ADF&G); Scott McAllister; Craig Farrington (ADF&G); Chris Kondzela (NMFS); Mitch Lorenz (NMFS); Sharon Hawkins (NMFS); Jeremey Botz and Britt Constantine (ADF&G); Malin Babcock; Sheila Box (DOE); Pete Schneider (U.S. Forest Service); Chad Hood (U.S. Forest Service); and Mike Sigler (NMFS).

Birds: Mary Lou King (Audubon); Gwen Baluss (U.S. Forest Service); Mark Schwan (ADF&G); Tom Paul (ADF&G); Doug Woodby (ADF&G); Jesse Reebs (U.S. Forest Service); Deb Rudis (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service); Paul Suchanek; Kristen Romanoff (ADF&G); Michelle Kissling (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service); Steve Lewis (ADF&G); Steve Zimmerman; and Shirley Campbell.

Another big thank you to five volunteer educators who went into classrooms prior to Sea Week to prepare students with background information on the wetlands and birds. They were Mary Lou King and Shirley Campbell from Juneau Audubon, Karen Maher and Lauri Lamb from the U.S. Forest Service, and Kristen Romanoff from the Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game who also coordinated the pre-Sea Week classroom sessions. Also helping facilitate the effort were the school administrative assistants: Erin Smith (AB); Carol Valentine (Charter); Dawn Houston (MRCS); Barb Prindle (GV); Kim Hansen (RIV); Kathleen Lyden (GAST); and Deb Tillinghast (HBV).

Thanks go also to the 16 fourth-grade teachers for preparing their students with classroom instruction, for rounding up adult volunteers to accompany their class and arranging for the transportation needed to get their students to and from the airport dike trail. They were: Kathleen O'Daniel (MRCS); Cherry Eckland (HBV); Janalynn Doten (GV); Liz Miyasato (HBV); Becky Engstrom (GAST); Aimee Rinehart (RIV); Greg Beck (MRCS); Dan Hall (AB); Pam Cure (AB); Mela O'Brien (GV); Sheila Keller (Charter); Kate McCartney (RIV); Shgen George (HBV); Ellen Canapary (MRCS); Sharon Denton (GV); and Nina Massey (RIV). Another big thank you to those adult volunteers, mostly parents, who accompanied the students and helped them stay focused and learning.

Finally, thanks to Lynn Williams for the loan of the bird parts; USFS Juneau Ranger District for the loan of the minnow traps; USFS Forestry Sciences Lab for the loan of long-handled dip nets; Bushnell Optics for replacing two broken binoculars and supplying us with spare binocular straps; and Stephanie Hoag and Marcia Ballard at the Juneau School District for all their good humor and assistance.

Koren Bosworth and Betsy Brenneman

4th grade Sea Week coordinators

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