Governor's views on KidCare a disappointment

Posted: Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I was deeply disappointed and saddened at Gov. Parnell's decision to veto the Denali KidCare legislation.

While I respect the governor's right to have his views, they do not seem to match up. If he really, really feels that way about Medicaid funding and Denali KidCare, the question he needs to answer to children, pregnant women and every citizen in this state is this: "If you are true to yourself and your beliefs, why are you not front and foremost with plans and agendas to dismantle the entire Medicaid program? That would seem to be consistent with what you have done with this piece of legislation.

Life may not be perfect and pure. This legislation may not be perfect and pure. Balanced decisions must be put into place when considering the greatest good for the greatest number. This is true with our wars, recessions, health care, bail outs and politics.

The governor can change his plans to veto this Medicaid increase. I hope he does.

Carolyn V. Brown


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