Many can't afford higher utility bills

Posted: Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm writing this letter to say my opinion on the proposed 22 percent Alaska Electric Light & Power increase. I can understand wanting to make it easier to provide services, but there are just too many people who can't afford their bill right now.

Lots of companies, when asked about rate raises, say we are getting the top rate that Anchorage is getting. That is fine for Anchorage, but our problem is that this isn't Anchorage, this is Juneau, where the cost of living is more than what many people can make to survive. That is why many Juneau residents work two or three jobs just to get by, and those who aren't working do well enough to just pay the bills they have. Not all of us live in places where they adjust your rent to your income.

Cecelia Friberg-Rodriguez


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